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Product Image City of Lost Souls Cassette Tape

City of Lost Souls Cassette Tape

Recorded as the soundtrack for New German Cinema enfant terrible's 1983 trans punk musical, CITY OF LOST SOULS OST features original recordings by Jayne Country, Angie Stardust + Joaquín la Habana.

This queer oddity contains the following instant classics:

Side A - CITY OF LOST SOULS, Jayne County / I FELL IN LOVE WITH A RUSSIAN SOLDIER, Jayne County / SAND, Angie Stardust / MY OWN FREE WAY, Joaquín la Habana

Side B - BURGER QUEEN BLUES, Jayne County / ONCE, Angie Stardust / I LOVE BERLIN, Joaquín la Habana / EXIL, Angie Stardust.

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Remastered from the original recording and transferred to hot pink cassette tape approved by filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim, with extensive liner notes designed by Amy von Harrington, featuring an essay by Praunheim and lyrics to the album closer track EXIL recently translated by Florian Hetz. Remastering by Shags Chamberlain. Photography by Abdi Taslimi. Published in strictly limited quantities! 

Cassette Tape, Dirty Looks, 2019.

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