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Product Image Dirty Looks: Volume 1

Dirty Looks: Volume 1

Through contributors and collaborations, Dirty Looks contests the limits of what queer can mean in relation to cinema, to region, to gender, to medium, and also to how it can be talked about.

Contributors to the first issue include: Malic Amalya, Gregg Araki, Amelia Bande, Katherine Brewer Ball, Dennis Cooper, Jack Halberstam, Guy Hocquenghem, G. B. Jones, Jonesy, Andrew Kachel, Theodore Kerr, Clara López Menéndez, Karl McCool, Bradford Nordeen, Brontez Purnell, Jill Reiter, Alice Royer, Greta Snider, Charles Theonia, Scott Treleaven and Greg Youmans.

Softcover, black and white, 4.5 inches x 7 inches, 127 pages, 2016