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Product Image Ed. by Petra Reichensperger: Terms of Exhibiting (from A to Z)

Ed. by Petra Reichensperger: Terms of Exhibiting (from A to Z)

Terms of Exhibiting (from A to Z) looks at how art exhibitions are created between artists and institutions in the 21st-century. Noted artists such as, Liam Gillick, Manfred Hermes, Karl Holmqvist and Tobias Vogt are paired with six theoretical essays and interviews. The essays investigate key working “terms” raised by an exhibition series at Kunsthaus Dresden in 2012. Jan Verwoert reflects on the division of labor in artistic production; Anke te Heesen presents a survey of the museum, collections and exhibition; and Markus Miessen discusses the advantages of curating institutions and inventing structures rather than merely implementing or appropriating them. The conversations with and between the artists place their formulas for making art under scrutiny within the context of the individual practices. For example, referencing the term “presence,” Daniel Knorr explains the significance of materialization for his own creative process, while Brian O’Doherty discusses “invention” in relation to his practice.

July 2014 / English & German
Softcover / 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches / 320 pp / 81 b&w

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