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Product Image Eran Schaerf: fm-Scenario – Where Palms Stand – Mask – Delay

Eran Schaerf: fm-Scenario – Where Palms Stand – Mask – Delay

fm-scenario / the listener’s voice is a radio and software-inspired platform for generating narratives and investigating the architectures of discourse. Based around a publicly accessible online studio, users can edit radio programmes from an archive of works by artist Eran Schaerf. These programs are broadcast by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, serving as scenarios for a series of exhibitions and as opening montage statements for a series of blog-like publications.

This first fm-scenario edition coincides with the group exhibition Between Walls and Windows: Architecture and Ideology (House of World Cultures, Berlin, 2012) which presents ten location-specific productions by international artists and architects. The focus of this first issue derives from the exhibition and from the montage.

Design by Studio Manuel Raeder.

Softcover with Poster, 26 centimeters x 20 centimeters, 52 pages, Bedford Press, 2012.

*discounted unwrapped display copy available; The cover is discolored with some imperfections on the back cover, the interior is in mostly new condition with some folding of one corner on the last few pages.

$ 10.00