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Product Image Gabriela Torres Olivares: Enfermario

Gabriela Torres Olivares: Enfermario

What does it mean to be? And to be different? Gabriela Torres Olivares poses these questions as she writes in the space between her characters’ bodies, desires, and experiences. With a constantly shifting gaze, these fifteen stories collected in this book explore the profundity of otherness across beings and quasi-beings, seeking out both discomfort and common ground. In her Enfermario, part infirmary and part bestiary, Gabriela Torres Olivares invites us into her characters’ worlds only to defamiliarize the quotidian and thus challenge our most basic preconceptions.

Translated by Jennifer Donovan with the Spanish printed on one side and the English on the other! 

Softcover, perfect-bound, 144 pages, 5.25 inches x 8 inches, Spanish/English, Les Figues Press, 2017.