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Product Image General Sister: You Are Calm Tea

General Sister: You Are Calm Tea

A loose leaf tea from General Sisters to help calm you down! The tea is made with plants from their garden and features lavender, lemon balm, and holy basil. 

General Sisters is an example of a ‘Third Space’, a place outside of home and work where people congregate and engage in creative interactions. The visual culture of consumerism creates falsification of choice and deeper class stratification. General Sisters aims to radically shift this paradigm by building a visual language of choice, knowledge and creative decision-making. This will take on many forms such as packaging, scents, workshops, meals, economy, the writing on the walls, and what is grown in the garden.

Currently, General Sisters is working on further building out their General Store in Pittsburg. In the store, they offer pancake mixes, teas and other items from their garden. To learn more about their mission and their offerings such as a soup subscription service during the colder months and a harvest subscription service in the warmer months, check out their website!

*more items available at our los angeles location