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Product Image Gurt Zine: Gurt #2: Gurtrasia

Gurt Zine: Gurt #2: Gurtrasia

The Gurts create a whole new world for all of #US to thrive in, but is it really any different from the Gurth they left behind? THE GURT ZINE Issue 2: GURTRASIA Featuring work by: Christopher Argodale, Marcel Alcalá, Brytani Caipa, Brendon Cameron, Alex Chaves, Dicko Chan, Dhalia D., Brandon Drew Holmes, Christiane Franklin, Susie Harris, Siera Hyte, Brian Khek, La Porscha, Natacha Nella, Blaine O’Neill, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Steph Russ, Brook Sinkinson Withrow, Zak Stone, Peter Tomka, Dalia Vann … and more! Made in 2015 in Los Angeles by The Gurts.