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Product Image Jeremy Jams: Sketches of Universally Personal Stories

Jeremy Jams: Sketches of Universally Personal Stories

Risograph printed zine featuring drawings by the artist, Jeremy Jams! 

Jeremy Jams makes large-scale pen and ink drawings that represent spaces as evidence of the activities that have taken place within them, using a language of objects to spell out a narrative. In addition to this practice, he cuts out enlarged plywood versions of the objects in the drawings and uses them to create flat sculptures – or drawings at a human scale, so that viewers can interact with them in a way that blurs the lines of which space they are actually in.

Another facet of Jeremy Jams practice is publishing with a risograph. Soft City is an artist-run publishing platform collaborating with an artist to make artist books and editions Jams co-founded in 2015. Soft City creates a context for artists' ideas and disseminates them to larger audiences. 

Glue-bound, paperback, 24 pages, 3 7/8 inches x 5 1/8 inches, Soft City Printing, 2016.