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Product Image Joseph Mosconi: Ashenfolk

Joseph Mosconi: Ashenfolk

A comment on genre and latent form as a type of minimalist poetry

Feeling out the traditions of world-building, invented languages, and fictional histories of those poet-philologists who crafted much of our register of fantasy and folk horror (Sturluson, Tolkien, Brothers Krofft & Grimm), Ashenfolk re-collects a legendarium of dingy elves, midnight moves, minor gods, and twilight people into a boogie man box-set of nightborn bric-a-brac. Mosconi borrows a light from Bradbury’s fireman to enkindle a superfan assemblage of lexical robble-robble and mythopoeic proto-punk, all loose cover for the myriad blazes a book fails to contain. – Andrew Maxwell

Nine full-color booklets of various sizes + 3 postcards housed in a 10-inch box set, Make Now Books, 2019.