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Product Image Laura Owens: Untitled, 2015/2017

Laura Owens: Untitled, 2015/2017

This special edition and unique book collects all of the 11 Secession zines by Laura Owens between two sheets of plexi that has been silkscreened on both sides with different elements from within the zines. The individual zines compromises of elements that are found in or influenced the paintings that were included in an exhibition by Owens, at Secession in Vienna in the summer of 2015. Each edition comes with a black & white silkscreen print signed and numbered by the artist!
Full set of 11 zines, 4-color digital print on paper with loop stitch, compiled as a ring-bound book with screen-printed plexiglass covers, with a separate loose-leaf editioned print. 
Edition of 50, with 10 APs.
Ring-bound book, 9 x 8 x 3/4 inches (22.9 x 20.3 x 1.9 cm) 
Loose print: screen print on paper, 9 x 8 inches (22.9 x 20.3 cm) 
Zine paper:  70 lb. Mohawk Everyday Digital Text Smooth
Ink:  4/4 process
Please note that each edition is slightly different with both sides of the front and back covers screen printed with various designs. Please  email us with questions about which editions are available.
The zines can be purchased individually as well! Please note that both the sets and the zines are limited 1 of each per customer at this time. 
Please note that due to its rare nature, discounts cannot be applied to this item.