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Product Image Maceo Paisley: Tao of Maceo

Maceo Paisley: Tao of Maceo

In a collection of essays inspired by his social media posts under the hashtag #taoofmaceo, artist and dancer, Maceo Paisley investigates what it means to live a full life. He unpacks his own beliefs as an invitation to others to be more self-reflective in a chaotic world. What started as playful sharing of ideas online has turned into a deep philosophical and personal inquiry on morality, love, purpose and more. -- Tao Of Maceo is the culmination of countless hours pondering the nature of what it means to live a good life and how to do it in a world that seems set on making it as difficult as possible to do so. 

Softcover, 140 pages, 4.5 inches x 7 inches, English, CBC Press, 2019.