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_ Quarterly

Utilizing the short run printed form, _ Quarterly investigates obsolescence through various themes. Beginning in the Winter of 2008, _ Quarterly initiated itself as a long distance project between New York and Los Angeles artists Jesse Hlebo and Justin Sloane. 

_ Quarterly Issue 8: No Kind of Music Is Swing Utilizing research as the medium for creation, rather than the basis, No Music Is Swing culls all of its content from music publications prior to 1950: the first five issues of Downbeat magazine, The Academician, and texts on fictional composers. All of the texts are modified in some way, whether structurally, contextually, or formally, to create the final work. No Music Is Swing creates an abstracted taste of what rhythm might be able to achieve, yet, in theory, rhythm can never swing, at least as a musical form.

_ Quarterly 5/6: Aural Marks Utilizing the structural removal of architecture from its native three-dimensional environment into a two-dimensional representation, similarly relates to the structural displacement of music and notation. These foundational points of reference were the basis for the artists involved in _ Quarterly 6. The removal of experience through documentation, and the form in which that documentation takes as a result, is a fascinating ground in which to envision the concurrent relationships of physical and aural, flat and dimensional. I provided images of an empty gallery space taken at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts as a reference point for the artists. This series of four, spot color offset printed, newsprint posters was commissioned in collaboration with Showpaper, with the intention that throughout the upcoming exhibition, the printed pieces would be re-united with their original space; and in so doing create a form of 'music', in the sense of a contained set of sounds.

_ Quarterly Issue 4: Sea The fourth issue of _ Quarterly revolves around the idea of the Sea. Each artist presents works focusing around ideas of vastness, mystery, nostalgia, and nautical exploration. Paired with classic literature, this issue compares and contrasts the many notions of the sea; ranging from literal interpretations to more abstract representations of the ideas surrounding large expanses of water.

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