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Product Image RJ Tripodi: Available Space

RJ Tripodi: Available Space

Available Space is about finding environments that have an empty clearing. Those openings, be they beside a monument, hidden in a back-alley or a tourist-mobbed landmark, provide the inspiration for the sculpture in the Available Space Images.

For this project, RJ Tripodi explores the photographic souvenir as a site in itself. The photograph becomes the inspiration for a digitally modeled sculpture that is then rendered and fit back into the photograph. The project is about the relationship between the void space in 2D photography and the 3D model made based on qualities found in the photograph. which provides the inspiration for modeling digital sculptures that could potentially be situated on the site. 

Page Bureau (书局) is the self-publishing practice of the independent graphic design studio, RELATED DEPARTMENT (有关设计部门) from Shanghai. They publish printed matter and digital files designed with/for their artist/designer/illustrator/architect friends. 

Staple-bound, 108 pages, 6.5 inches x 9 inches, English/Chinese, Page Bureau, 2018.