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Product Image Robert Morris: Meander Renamed

Robert Morris: Meander Renamed

Meander Renamed is a collection of 31 large-format maze drawings completed by the composer, Robert Morris, and printed with an interview between Morris and his daughter, the painter Rebecca Morris.

The majority of the mazes selected for this volume are from the Summer of 2008 but Robert has always drawn mazes and began doing so during his childhood. His maze drawings would then become a part of his own kids' childhoods as Rebecca remembers how they would be left as gifts for her and her siblings. Father and daughter also share an obsession with tunnels and passageways as they discuss the hidden tunnels beneath both Chicago and Rochester, the family joke "Deep in the System" and how mazes satisfy part of their obsession. 

Robert Morris' composition, Radif IV, was played at 356 Mission throughout the day of October 24. Find out more about this event here.

Published by Ooga Booga on the occasion of the exhibition Rose Cut by Rebecca Morris at 356 Mission on view from September 11 to November 1, 2015.

Spiral Comb Binding, 72 pages, 15 x 11 in, Edition of 250, Ooga Booga, 2015.