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Product Image Roman Ondák: Good Feelings

Roman Ondák: Good Feelings

Zine related to Roman Ondák's exhibition entitled Good Feelings in Good Times, presented in various museums and galleries including the Tate Modern. Good Feelings in Good Times is an artificially created queue. It is intended to be performed inside the museum, but can also be adapted to other spaces.

In the piece, volunteers and actors are hired by the museum. They are not required to wear special clothes, but are asked to dress to suit the situation, to hold personal props and look like ordinary people queuing as if waiting for something to happen. If questioned by onlookers, they are not allowed to divulge anything about the performance; they are instead encouraged to improvise as if they were in a real-life situation. The queue is re-enacted repeatedly during the day according to a schedule agreed between the artist and the museum, at set times and spots around the building. Typically, within a forty-minute period of performing, the queue will form, dissolve and form again a few times, with the participants behaving inconspicuously and as naturally as possible. The forty-minute performances may be repeated several times during the day, with twenty-minute breaks in between sessions for the participants to rest, unseen by the general public.

Staple bound, b/w photocopy, 5.75" x 8.25"

**Please Note: This is either the last copy or one of the last copies of this book. It has been on display for a while and has some wear and damages. The applied discount is to account for any damages and the book is for sale as is with no returns. If you have any questions please email us!