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Product Image Shannon Michael Cane: The Everlasting Secret Family

Shannon Michael Cane: The Everlasting Secret Family

A bootleg facsimile published by the editor of THEY SHOOT HOMOS DON'T THEY? The Everlasting Secret Family is a scandalous short story from 1980 written by Frank Moorehouse, a cross dressing, bisexual writer from Sydney who now makes his money from historical novellas. Described as an ‘erotic memoir in six parts’ it tells the story of a beautiful young boy that is hand plucked from a rural private school to be the sex slave of a closeted senator.

Described as being “based on the life of a prominent Australian Politician" the books preface eludes to its factual origins.

In 1988 the film was adapted into a modest budget film, directed my Michael Thornhill and starring Mark Lee who was famously known for co-starring alongside Mel Gibson in the gay love war story Gallipoli, here he gays it up even more when he is inducted into a sordid life as a kept boy tied to a network of brotherhood Illuminati with sect-like rules and rituals.

Upon its release the film flopped. A time of AIDS and homophobia, the late '8os wasn't really ready for this ‘shocking’ story of erotic conquest and intrigue. It did no favors in terms of positive PR for the gays either; the film basically confirms every cliched fear that gay men dress funny, talk funny, have paedophilic tendencies and are out to steal our husbands and recruit our children. The Everlasting Secret Family is absolutely ripe for a cult following, it is an epic of paranoid fantasy and is completely remarkable.   

This reprint of the short story has screen grabs from the film inserted into the text, where the first time text and image are presented together.


Riso printed, with color dust jacket - stamped and numbered edition of 100.

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