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Product Image Temporary Services: Self Reliance Library

Temporary Services: Self Reliance Library

The 100th publication by Temporary Services! This is the much improved and enlarged second version of the booklet for their project Self-Reliance Library. More pages, tighter design, better printing, 38 color illustrations, and writings about each of the publications in this collection.

The Self-Reliance Library is an autonomous reading and creating library.It is a collection of older books and reference materials that Temporary Services has found inspiring while doing their own projects and living their lives, as well as new books they are just starting to spend time with. The Self-Reliance Library contains recently published titles that are still available as well as out of print books that you can find in public libraries or on the secondary market. It includes a few of their own publications as well.

The collection consists of over 80 books about visionary architecture, desperate or wildly imaginative mobility, miniature buildings and nomadic living, self-publishing and design, skill sharing, everyday repair solutions, running a music venue, spaces for parenthood, toys and design for children, ecologically sound living, foraging, blueprints for fantasy worlds and alternate realities, pranks and mischief, technologies used in prisons and other restrictive or impoverished settings, survivalism, weapons for self-defense or recreation, and creative approaches to living radically.

Softcover, Staple-Bound, 8 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches, 40 pages, 2nd Edition, Temporary Services 2013.

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