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Product Image WHIZ WORLD


WHIZ WORLD was founded by "Queen Whizz," "Furtips," and "Ghost Whiz" with the mission to highlight the lived experiences of women artists. They write from a magical feminist perspective and invite others to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. 
Whiz World, Issue 4: HELLMOUTH: This is the first special edition issue of Whiz World! The issue is dedicatedto the shadow self, the inner swamp, a space where contributors can explore, dissect, and acknowledge the shame, disgust, fear, guilt, embarrassment, and frustration that brews within us all. Cover illustration by "PICTO-GAMMA" and most inside illustrations by Primiteat.

Saddle-stitched, 32 pages, 4-color Risograph on Astro-brights re-entry red, Whiz World, Spring 2019.

Whiz World, Issue 3: BODIES
Saddle-stitched, 36 pages, 5-color Risograph, Whiz World, Fall 2018.
Whiz World, Issue 2: THE ISLAND OF CALIFORNIACover illustration by "SCOOP." Written contributions by California-based artists: Picto, Lizz Whiz, and the Wind of the Whizzes. 
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8-color risograph on cougar natural smooth paper, 20 pages, 8.25 iches x 10.75 inches, Queen Whiz Press, Spring 2018.
Whiz World, Issue 1: WHIZ WORLD
Softcover, no binding, 6 pages, 4-color risograph on cougar natural smooth paper, Queen Whiz Press, Fall 2017.
All issues edited, designed and printed by Queen Whiz, Furtips, and Ghost Whiz. 

$ 10.00