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Product Image Yan Wei: Sitting Street Shanghai

Yan Wei: Sitting Street Shanghai

SSS compiles a series of seat photographs in Shanghai streets by fashion designer Yan Wei. This photo book quotes a paragraph from David Eagleman's "Sum", which says that in our afterlife, we will re-live everything we've experienced while we were alive. This time, however, things will be in an ordered sequence. Inspired by this piece of writing, we use the relative angle between the viewer/photographer and the rotated angle of the seat to sequence these photographs to establish a continuity of viewing. This angle is marked below each photograph to replace page numbers. It resembles the way we casually glimpse a series of seat objects when walking in the streets. The book cover design also explores the idea of repetition and rotation.

Page Bureau (书局) is the self-publishing practice of the independent graphic design studio, RELATED DEPARTMENT (有关设计部门) from Shanghai. They publish printed matter and digital files designed with/for their artist/designer/illustrator/architect friends. 

Project by Yan Wei (@sittingstreetshanghai). Text Originally from "Sum" by David Eagleman.

Paperback, perfect bound, 228 pages, full color, English/Chinese, Page Bureau, 2018. 

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