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Product Image Nick DeWitt: Supernatural Punishment 12"

Nick DeWitt: Supernatural Punishment 12"

"Far off instrumental far away land music. Lost Americana and Ennio Morricone. I don't know. It's beautiful and it wouldn't be out of place if it was on the soundtrack to Eraserhead. Amazing cover photos by Thatcher Keats. 300 pressed. Lavender vinyl. Comes with download." "This record is brief, but is full of solid and honest songs which both embody the LA zeitgeist and reach threateningly past it. Evident here are some sunny tropes, the small stories and subtle triumphs of life are cast in beautiful relief. But what is truly remarkable about the record, and what sets it firmly apart from others in its ilk are the downright serious moments. There is a confrontation with human solitude (what would have been called 'the existential question' by our grandparents' generation) on the last and longest track on the album, which borders on timeless. Not timeless in a 'too drunk to fuck' way. Timeless in a 'bolero' way. Clearly it's too early to tell, but I feel less hesitant predicting that the oeuvre of Nick Dewitt will continue to bear fruits that seem to come from distant times (forward and/or back). If purchasing an album, on vinyl of all things, feels like an anachronism to you (which, let's face it, if you're reading this, it probably does not), then you should certainly buy this one. If you are accustomed to buying current LPs with full-bleed color photograph covers on lavender vinyl, then you also might benefit from picking up this record, because in this case, the art direction is an afterthought to a carefully ministrated work, and is matched (if not surpassed) by the actual music it makes when played." -- Brother Reade

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