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Product Image Ojo: Passin' Through the New Amazing 12"

Ojo: Passin' Through the New Amazing 12"

Recorded live at LA><ART on May 5th, 2007, ojo’s Passin’ Thru the New Amazing is the first record released by LA><ART LPs. ojo is a sound collective of L.A.-based artists: Eamon Ore-Giron, Justin Cole, Joshua Aster, Moises Medina, Chris Avitabile and Brenna Youngblood. The album is available for $25 and comes with a full-color poster, as well as two remixes of the project by Los Cremators and Collapsible Mammals. All music was composed by ojo and performed by ojo with the LA><ART audience. Mixed by John Flores at Snoppy Quop.