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Product Image The Prima Donnas: Drugs, Sex, and Discothechques CD

The Prima Donnas: Drugs, Sex, and Discothechques CD

The story leading up to Drugs, Sex & Discotheques is far-fetched to say the least: three orphans are exiled from the U.K. for heavy drug use, relocate to Texas via submarine, and fail to open for George Strait due to a narcotics-induced coma. If that sounds implausible, then you probably wouldn't believe keyboardist Julius Seizure's claim that he had a vision of Stevie Ray Vaughan telling him to start a band with synthesizers. Regardless of the Prima Donnas' gimmicks and megalomania, these guys can actually write songs, helping to substantiate synth punk as a recognized style of music in 2001. Just don't try to analyze the lyrics. "It's 1998/Reagan's Dead!," vocalist Otto Matik shouts at the start of the second track. From there, the trio sneers their way through such entertaining tunes as "(Dancin' in The) Freaky Zone" and "Yr So Cool," while the '80s-sounding synthesizers and drum machines bounce all over the place. Bracingly retro.

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