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Product Image Ya Ho Wa 13: Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony CD

Ya Ho Wa 13: Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony CD

This great, rare album "Penetration - an Aquarian symphony" by Yahowa 13, is one of the most haunting and powerful rare examples of a genuine spiritual "occultism" in a musical context, that I have yet heard!

Lead by an enigmatic character called Father Yod, and a group of young looking Hippies, with names like Djin, Sunflower, Octavius, Pythias, Rhythm, all with "Aquarian" as their collective surname, they would apparently record music in L.A late into the night/morning, then they would run a vegetarian restaurant by day, and live as a community of spiritual seekers, under the auspices of Father Yod, the guy on the cover of this album!

Musically it fits into the improvised psychedelic vibe of the late 60's, early seventies, but the strange chanting and haunting quality that pervades it all is unique. the four tracks on the album: "Yod He Vau He" - "Ho" - "Journey Through an Elemental Kingdom" - and "Ya Ho Wha" are all great, and this works as a whole to build up an intense and almost weird quality, that is great for listening to on headphones late at night, in an intimate setting. The guitar work by Djin, is cosmic and confident, to say the least, I love and will treasure this fantastic music always, because it is genuine and inspired, perhaps even Surreal!