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Product Image Ya Ho Wa 13: Sonic Portation CD

Ya Ho Wa 13: Sonic Portation CD

Picking up where they left off 33 years ago with the accidental death of leader Father Yod, three remaining members of Yahowa 13 create a reunion album in the spirit of the original ensemble inSonic Portation. True, Father Yod's unique vocal stylings are missing, which may be taken as a crucial omission or with a sense of considerable relief. What's left is a rhythm section consisting of Djin Aquarian, Octavius Aquarian, and Sunflower Aquarian, playing guitar, bass, and drums in spontaneous improvisation that is often reminiscent of the sound of one of the psychedelic San Francisco rock bands of the late 1960s, Jefferson Airplane, say, or the Grateful Dead, when the band was freaking out, but without the structured song parts to surround it. There is some exotic chanting, especially early on, and in his extensive liner notes, Djin Aquarian offers explanations for what the syllables intend, but they are the sorts of explanations that require their own explanations relating to the performers' "non-religion religion," and thus are perhaps best passed over. Sonic Portation is a more professional effort than some of the first Yahowa 13 recordings, but it is no more conventional.